Peter’s Canyon Regional Park Hill Training (Big Red Hill). 8/13/17


** Only three weeks away until we climb Mt. Baldy as a team via Mt. Baldy Bowl TR. which is one of the steepest routes to the summit. The distance is four miles up with 3,900 ft of elevation gain. That’s almost 1,000 ft per mile of elevation gain. No wonder why the past few training sessions have involved everything having to do with climbing up high. Our first session was at Culver City Stairs with about 300 brutal steps of all sizes to get to the top. The second session which is the picture above consisted of five loops of trail that lead to climbing a well known hill called Big Red. That’s right five loops of that with body-weight movements along the way like; jumps squats, walking lunges, split jump squats. They all completed the task at hand in less than two hours. Wow! I’m excited to see their training pay off when the day comes to climb Mt. Baldy 9/2/17. Before that day comes we have one last final training session at Griffith Park. We’ll be trail running to the Wisdom Tree which also has some great climbs along the way. 8/26/17 Will be our final session to prepare to stand on the highest mountain in the Los Angeles County. I can’t wait!!! It’s going to be an awesome adventure to add to the last part of this journey/ training series.

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